By Darah Diaz

The Makeup Artistry & Posing Experience

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Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with so many wonderful clients. I cater to all my clients needs, whether they are looking for a new everyday look or for a special occasion. Get in touch with me to find out about my work and how I can have you looking and feeling radiant in a matter of minutes!

Stay tuned for what is in the making!! There is a lot more to offer than just services.


No need to stress on trying to master your look. I got your back! Let me provide either a natural or glam look to your event, night out, party and more! 




COMING IN 2020! Couldn't be more excited. Sharing a little bit of fashion because ....why not! Clothing is another way for us to feel confident and that's what I am here to portray.


As most bodybuilders know, there’s not much control on how show day can go. You may look great and then last minute something changes. One thing that I promise won’t change is the practice and perfecting of posing with Clearly Confident! I am here to tell you all the tips and tricks of posing. Also, to give you your posing routine and the outline of show day. I am here to make you CONFIDENT!


Compete in bodybuilding shows for the IFBB and NPC? Dance? Sing? Any competition you have — I’m here! Having background in dancing and having my IFBB professional status, I have the knowledge of knowing the perfect makeup to use under stage lighting. Also, I know the elegance and cleanliness that the judges would like to see for your makeup. The point: to make you confident and beautiful at the same time!


Photo shoots for business, personal use and more! Full head to toe glam. Providing not only just makeup and hair services. If it’s an entire day photoshoot, there is the option for staying on-site!!

Photo by: Rosario Zinnati 


Whether you stand alone or with your team, we have got you covered! How much better is it knowing you can rely on a beautiful makeover on your special day? The bridal team is here to cater to you and make sure that you feel stunning and confident inside and out!


With years of experience, trial and error, and knowledge...I am here to help transform your mind and body! I have helped many clients reach their goals of either wanting to lose weight, gain muscle or just simply making your mind healthy! This is a lifestyle!

Photo by: Samuel Lathrop

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