Heyy everyone! Welcome to my page and thank you for your interest in Clearly Confident! My name is Darah, I am 24 years old, live in NY and I am the owner of this company! A little background on myself is that I have been a dancer since I was the age of 4. Every competition and recital I was in, my makeup done bold and loud under bright lights Mostly all the women in my family come from a background of cosmetology except none of them had a hand for makeup. Being that they couldn’t, it was my turn to try. Thankfully dancing has taught me many things, 2 of them being: 1) the hand and experience to do makeup and 2) know and perfect the lines in our bodies. After years and years of doing makeup on myself and my close ones, I retired from dancing, even though I still love to move and take classes currently, I added bodybuilding into my routine and brought makeup along the way. I competed for 3 years in the NPC and was awarded my IFBB Pro Card at NPC Universe 2017. During that time I had posing clients and competition makeup clients for all the local and national shows year round. Now that I have and continue to have an insane passion towards beauty and fitness, I know my life is now in a great path and I will be meeting amazing people along the way.


I have a mission: without sharing any sob stories, I do not want anyone, men and women, ever living a day where they don't love themselves. With having a degree in psychology and with a common knowledge we should all know "you should love yourself first". Only problem is we do not practice that. Beauty and love comes within and then externally. But, if there is any way I can promote, support and influence those to feel confident I will. I have every avenue available to help those who want to feel amazing about themselves. Besides my instagram being motivating with bada$$ sayings and rewarding pictures, my entire business can keep you in line. From fitness to dieting and beauty to clothing, Clearly Confident provides it all. I am super proud and fortunate  to create a business that WILL change the way we view ourselves for the better and will have no one tell us otherwise. WE ARE STRONG. WE ARE CONFIDENT. I am so thankful I get to call this baby mine and even more thankful you trusting in me to a path towards confidence. Like nurse’s say “their job is rewarding”... well, so is mine. From now on, the rest is history. Thank you for choosing and believing in Clearly Confident!

 XO Darah Diaz