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They are all  #ClearlyConfident

Shoutout to all my clients who believe in me and continuously choose Clearly Confident for their posing and makeup services!

Emily K.

Posing client

“Darah's incredibly keen eye for detail is most certainly what helped me win shows and place in the top 3 and top 5 at all of my national level competitions. She was able to not only create a posing routine, but to highlight all of my string features while minimizing my weak points. Her experience in the industry has given her the utmost insight into every piece of the process, and she will be right there with you every step of the way, from posing to lipstick recommendations! Darah is very talented and knowledgeable about what she does, but on top of all of that, she goes above and beyond for her clients, having them update her with progress videos, making tweaks as the body changes, and is always there for moral support. She is an absolute doll and I am blessed to have her guidance!”

Maya S. 

Posing client

“I worked with Darah on my posing in-person and I cannot recommend her highly  enough! I worked with her before my first NPC show and felt so much more confident after our session! She helped me get comfortable with my posing and it definitely showed when I finally hit the stage. I brought the sass and was very successful at both shows I competed in. She truly takes the time to craft a posing routine that fits YOU and YOUR body! She also offered to FaceTime/text videos after our session to make sure that I was practicing correctly which I appreciated so much. Since we first met, she has treated me like family, offering support in every way she can. For example, she gave me general, actionable tips to help prepare me mentally for my first competition season which helped me go into each show with a strong mindset. Darah goes above and beyond to make sure her girls are ready to shine on stage. Posing is seriously too important to overlook because it shows off that physique you worked your butt off to achieve. If you need a posing coach, stop searching! Darah is YOUR GIRL. I cannot wait to work with her again to nail my routine for when I compete on a National stage in 2019!”

Ari T.

Posing & makeup client

"So I had the pleasure of working with Darah for my first bikini show. She helped me with everything from picking a suit, picking a suit color, to make up, jewelry and found my best angles for the stage. She made my first experience one to remember. I can't thank her enough for the time she spent helping me perfect my routine and making me feel confident while doing it. She introduced me to DieselDolledMUA who did a phenomenal makeup and hair for show day. If you want to have your makeup pop on stage, these girls have the skills to do just that. Thank you guys again so much!"

Melissa K.

Photoshoot client

"Darah gave me the perfect soft-glam look without even needing direction of what I was looking for! I was also impressed with how high-quality all her makeup was and the abundance of her collection -- no color or shade missing! Darah did my makeup for a morning photoshoot, but the makeup stayed put al day and I ended up wearing it out until 1AM. Overall, Darah is incredibly talented and not only would I use her again, but would recommend to anyone needing a skilled makeup artist."

Kathleen W.

Posing client

"Posing with Darah was more than I could have asked for. Online posing could be tricky but her cues and coaching are so good that I felt it was an in-person session. She doesn't just give you a routine, she prepares you to know what to do no matter where you are on stage at any given moment. She is an amazing coach and I would recommend her to anyone who's looking to own that stage!"

Megan V.

Makeup client

"I was lucky enough to schedule my makeup with Darah less than 1 weeks out from NPC Universe after deciding I was going to compete! Darah not only got my in the makeup chair early -- but did one of my favorite looks to date! My makeup stayed on ALL DAY perfectly. It was beautiful in my stage photos and made me felt confident and glamorous. I absolutely adored working with her and her team and would recommend them to anyone for stage makeup!"

Fiorella Z.

Posing Client

"Stage presentation can either break you or make you. Posing has always been one of my weakest points and I am so freakin' stiff. Fortunately, Darah helped me perfect my routine and showed me all the tricks and tweaks that made my physique look killer on stage. Not only that but she's a total sweetheart and is so passionate about what she does!!! I mean, what's better than learning from a pro? You do not want to let your hard work go unnoticed. The 25-30 seconds you get on stage are crucial!!! So come pose with Clearly Confident, I promise you won't regret it!!"

Krysten W.

Posing & makeup client

"Darah is a great friend as well as a talented individual. I have had the pleasure of being glammed for stage on both the NPC and pro stages on multiple occasions where I couldn't be more comfortable. I tell her to "work her magic" and each look is always new and fresh! She's also coached me in posing which has come suchhh a long way. I can't wait to work with you again this upcoming season!"